To ensure the most convenient travel options for you, we change our timetable so that it stays in line with the Ryanair flight schedule. Generally, buses will arrive around 1.5 to 2 hours in advance of the departure times served. The buses to Hamburg will leave Bremen airport approx. 20 minutes after your plane has landed.

valid until 26.10.2013

Hamburg ZOBab03:1506:0011:45
Bremen Airportan04:4507:3013:15
Bremen Airportab11:5014:1022:40
Hamburg ZOBan13:2015:4000:10
Hamburg ZOBab03:1008:4511:30
Bremen Airportan04:4010:1513:00
Bremen Airportab11:5514:1023:00
Hamburg ZOBan13:2515:4000:30
Hamburg ZOBab03:1508:55
Bremen Airportan04:4510:25
Bremen Airportab11:5022:55
Hamburg ZOBan13:2000:25
Hamburg ZOBab04:1509:4512:05
Bremen Airportan05:4511:1513:35
Bremen Airportab12:2515:3522:45
Hamburg ZOBan13:5517:0500:15
Hamburg ZOBab03:2006:2509:10
Bremen Airportan04:5007:5510:40
Bremen Airportab09:4511:5523:00
Hamburg ZOBan11:1513:2500:30
Hamburg ZOBab03:2006:4014:00
Bremen Airportan04:5008:1015:30
Bremen Airportab11:4017:3023:05
Hamburg ZOBan13:1019:0000:35
Hamburg ZOBab03:2012:20
Bremen Airportan04:5013:50
Bremen Airportab14:3023:05
Hamburg ZOBan16:0000:35

Dear customers,

due to the very limited winter schedule of Ryanair we can’t operate our shuttle service bus2fly economically from 27 October 2013 and will go into a winter break. We are looking forward to welcoming you again in the spring of 2014 as our guests.

In the meantime, take a look if BerlinLinienBus offers trips matching your flights from Bremen Airport.